October 17, 2014

"Little" Update

This will be short. Others following this blog: DO NOT JUDGE ME. I am writing this mainly for my mom to keep up with my college life, so it is not politically or grammatically correct, nor do I try to restrain myself from writing egoistic or unfiltered comments. 
If you are reading this... well thanks for having an interest in my life :P

I've met lots of nice people and have even hung out a lot with some of the HEFY people who go here. That trip was seriously the best thing to ever happen to me (not only the service, but the people I met are my favorite people ever).  I went camping out for a football game at one point, which was super exciting. Sleeping was so cold though and hardly pleasant... by the time the football game actually started the next day, the enthusiasm had died down quite a bit (at least for Liz and I). Here are the many, many game enthusiast pictures.

 Can you spot me? Hint: I'm in one of the first two rows...
The second pic is Mr. You-know-who for all those closest to me & wondering.

#tbt to when I was black

Camping out experience uno!

I have one friend from the ward named Liz who is super funny and nice and we do a lot of things together and go to a lot of the activities. My roommates (Haley, Brooke, and SharLee) are the best roommates I could ever ask for because they are so sweet and are real. They don't obsess over clothes or makeup or hair, and are super studious yet very nice.  We have a tradition of playing the Great Dalmuti (card game) on Sunday nights. It's a nice bonding moment. We also just hung up christmas lights in our dorm and it looks so ill! It glows purple outside. My roommate Haley loves photography so we had a photoshoot the other day (I was the model... ratchet).  The two of us also have an ongoing snap war... hence the cat on her head (scroll down).

Don't mind the fact that I look like a retard.

Same music as the last video... irony?

(this is war)

My best friend in the whole wide world is Tori Marler (from the Bolivia trip) and I got to hang out with her and some of the other Bolivians up at Bear Lake a while ago, just before she left on her mission (Colorado). 


The one-and-only.

I've visited Aunt Debbie and Uncle Eric as well. I love their family. We went to see a drive in movie. They also give me garden grown vegetables which make me unarguably pretty popular here.

The other day I got an 80 on a Psych exam while my friends got 40s so I was pretty happy, and then they curved the grade so I now have a 90 on that exam.

A couple of hours ago I got stuck in my dorm buildings elevator for 45 minutes, lol. I had to hold down the alarm button for someone to finally find me (the elevator was in the basement).

Before and after pics. You can tell I was super excited to be in there. 

I eat super healthy just like I did before I left, but sometimes when I stress I eat too much so I need to start running again.  I'll show a picture of me when I left and was running errday and nice and skinny mini. Where is the motivation? SOS I think I've lost it.
We won't even mention my obsession with nut butters... Oooooops just did. Okay well since I'm on the topic I'll just say I've gone through 4 regular containers of nut butter since I've gotten here (2 months is it?). It's my source of protein and healthy fats in one so... No. Judgement. Zone.  I also just recently tried Almond Butter and I've decided it's my new favorite nut butter and possibly favorite food in the universe. 
Of course, don't think I'm too much of a health nut. This is college for gracious sakes... I've had my weekly dosage of pizza, donuts, and cookies. Sorry for the worrisome first impression. ;)

Gotta get back to running... Plus old room nostalgia.

I bought some fun plants the other day. Oh I also had a small online shopping spree the other day #forever21

There are a couple friends that I've met and realized are super douchey so I am still nice to them but don't hang out with them a ton (guys who try to kiss a bunch of girls... one is at like 60 I think).  I do a pretty good job with getting to know everyone, lol. I don't do it on purpose, but somehow involve myself in subtle drama all the time that gets my name out there. And then people realize I'm pretty cool and so it's easy to make friends.  Hahahaha partially kidding, but I do simply love being around people with such lovely personalities.  More mormons (say that five times fast)! Also, I have cool people in my classes that I sometimes hang with.

 That last picture is my hot boyfriend. Jk but yes please.

FHE Rent-a-Puppy

Some people we met at Aspen Grove live nearby and one is even in my BOM class so that's pretty handy!  If Aunt Kim is reading this... the creepy guy I told you about earlier who came by my room is in my BOM class too!!!! Scary.

I've successfully third-wheeled plenty of dates here with my roommates.  I've also been on plenty of dates with weird guys (you're my soulmate, etc).  There is one guy I went on a date with who was pretty chill and funny but that ended badly (those of you closest to me, you know what I mean).  It's okay though because I didn't like him too much. There's also this other guy who's super cool and cute and I think he's so fun! He goes to Utah State though lol so I don't see him much.

Third wheelin

I've seen lots of General Authorities in devotionals and things, and unmistakably the devotions and my BOM class are my favorite things ever.

I will include some priceless selfies since you may have forgotten what I look like.  Since we all know I've probably started on my freshie 15, I'll just ask real politely that you pretend like I look the same.  "Just smile and wave, boys.  Smile and wave."  Bonus points if you know the reference.

Chainsmokers, please queue the music.


P.S. Wasn't short... Thanks for making it thus far, folks. ILY xoxoxo bye bye